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Assurance Services


It’s our passion that sets us apart!

Providing assurance activities to our clients is about much more than equipping them with accurate financial information - it also assists them in creating pathways, which guides the business towards perfection.

This is assurance. This is what we do.

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Choosing BVI

BVI has offices in both George and Mossel Bay.

This, however, is not where our reach ends -  this is where it starts.

The BVI team prides itself on being forward-thinking, solution-driven individuals.

Our clients operate in different industries, which varies by the number.

The remarkable combination of knowledge and experience puts BVI in the unique position of carrying out assurance activities which not only benefits the public’s interest, but adds value to the wellbeing of our clients’ businesses.

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Assurance is Key

To drive a business forward, it is often required by management and those charged with governance, to both evaluate and make appropriate financial decisions. This can only be done when management knows their business well, can rely on the operating effectiveness of their internal controls and be assured that the financial statements set in front of them are free from material misstatements.

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BVI Assurance services

BVI’s registered auditors adhere to quality control and conduct assurance activities, in line with the latest legislation, such as the International Standard on Auditing.
Assurance services we offer:

  • Statutory Audits

  • Voluntary Audits

  • Independent Reviews

  • Agreed-upon-procedures

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