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Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) is a voluntary act for private business, introduced in South Africa after 1994 with the aim to transform the economy of South Africa to be representative of the demographics of South Africa.

This act influence equity composition, employment equity, skills development, procurement strategies, social development as well as supplier development initiatives.

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B-BBEE Strategic Risk Management Services

B-BBEE legislation with its associated Codes of Good Conduct is a complex matter that implies strategic and business risk for companies operating in South Africa.
Compliance risk is a key risk that needs to be managed with great care in any business.

B-BBEE, although being a voluntary Act, has become a serious compliance risk factor to consider for any business owner. Non-compliance to this Act and its Codes of Good Conduct may have severe implications on business continuity as non-compliance may disrupt revenue streams.

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What makes BVI different

At BVI we understand the importance of human resources.
Without people there will be no business. We believe that we create our own destiny focusing our resources on growth and opportunity.

At BVI we pride ourselves in finding positive solutions for difficult challenges. Not only do we embrace challenges, we love challenges.

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Why you need to talk to us

BVI has strategically partnered with leaders in the compliance industry. This stretches from tax advisory to legal and compliance, accounting, skills development, and B-BBEE services.

We will never stop investing in knowledge growth, surrender to be mediocre, or accept that a challenge cannot be overcome by ingenuity.

BVI has an extensive network of professionals at our disposal which brings knowledge to the table, assisting us in helping you create the perfect strategy.

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